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We're all your neighbors!

Our Story

This podcast was started after two neighbors realized all they had in common. Both Justin and Laura live in a comfortable, average cul-de-sac in Middle America and come from very similar, so-called "idyllic" families. Even with these privileges, however, these two hosts have both been affected most of their lives by the United States penitentiary system and all the stigma that surrounds it.


Justin is a former real estate broker, ex-felon, and father of a beautiful little girl. He has been in and out of state and federal prison for much of the last 12 years. He is intent on using these experiences to educate on the criminal justice system and make people laugh with some entertaining experiences behind the fence. 

Laura has been familiar with the prison system her whole life, although from outside the wall. Her grandfather has been incarcerated since 1968. Laura grew up visiting her grandfather every week with her grandmother until her passing, then learned to navigate visitation and care for what life is like behind the fence as an adult. This has helped shape her opinions and passions throughout her life.


From two different perspectives and experiences, Justin and Laura have a lot to say about stigmas and disadvantages. They also know others have a lot to gain from more support, community awareness, and education. This podcast is their attempt at helping our under-served community while providing a little entertainment along the way.

We are all affected by our prison systems, though not everyone knows it or understands how. At the end of the day, though, we're all each other's neighbors.

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