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LB 1024/ Adopt the Economic Recovery Act

Nebraska has passed LB 1024! This law will not only help our community but also help reduce recidivism.

Many thanks to voters, activists, citizens, and visionaries for their support and aid in passing this bill! Senator Wayne and Senator McKinney, we are fortunate to have you!

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Incarceration in Numbers

See shocking statistics around incarceration in the United States of America.

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Prison Mail Surveillance Includes their Family and Friends

Please read for your own safety!

Senders of mail to correction facilities are tracked and recorded. "...the postal mail sender's email address, IP address, mobile cell number, GEO GPS location tracking, exact devices used when accessing system, any related accounts the sender may also make or use".

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How the Prison-Industrial Complex Undermines Immigrant Rights

Check out this Nonprofit Quarterly podcast episode and transcript about how the private detention and correctional centers tie directly to immigrant detainees.

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Nebraska Overcrowding Report 10/17/21

We've all known prison overcrowding has been abysmal for decades. See the numbers as of Q4 2021.

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Overcrowded, Understaffed, Costly

Through moving first-hand accounts, see some of the statistics regarding overcrowding, corrections staff hours and pay, and mental health concerns for both staff and inmates in the Nebraska penitentiary system.

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Families of Prisoners Pay Billions Each Year to Support Loved Ones

Not everyone realizes prison time is not free to those who are serving sentences. It often falls to their families to help them out financially. See these shocking numbers.

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Non-Clinical Programs - NDCS

Some programs are available to people serving time, while they are still behind bars. These programs are aimed to help individuals by addressing how they think and behave, building skills to help improve their lives and prevent recidivism.

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Incarceration Population by State 9/2021

Check out the United States of America's prison population by state, as publised by the Prison Policy Initiative.

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